“Enhancing the Rare Earth Elements Research and Innovation Capacity of Türkiye Project (REE Project)”, co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Türkiye is being implemented by the end beneficiary of the Project, the Directorate General for Industry (SGM) and Project Partners the Directorate General of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) and Munzur University Rare Earth Elements Application and Research Centre (MUNTEAM) within the framework of the Competitive Sectors Programme which is carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Republic of Türkiye.


REE Project aims to establish a sustainable REE supply chain for Türkiye's economic development by increasing Türkiye's national REE R&D capacity.

The sectors such as high-tech, renewable energy, vehicle electric, digital technology and aviation where high-tech products are involved, use REE-based products in their manufacturing and their REE demands are increasing day by day. It is of great importance to meet this demand and to play a critical role in the international REE supply chain. The first step in acquiring this role is to increase R&D capacities of REE in Türkiye and to expand global business networks.



Rare Earth Elements International Summit Held in Ankara


2nd MSIT (Materials Science International Team) Advanced School Seminar on Rare-Earth (RE) Materials & Magnet Technology

The 2nd MSIT Advanced School Seminar on Rare-Earth (RE) Materials & Magnet Technology, which will be held between the dates of 22 – 23 November 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany, offers a unique opportunity for professionals in the field of management and technology to learn about the entire supply chain of magnetic materials. For detailed information and registration: MSIT Advanced School on Magnet Technology (msiport.com)

The Raw Materials Week 2023

Raw Materials Week 2023, which is organized annually by the European Commission and will be held in Brussels between 13 and 17 November this year, brings together a wide range of stakeholders.

This Week will focus around the European Critical Raw Materials Act and cover topics related to critical and strategic raw materials, strategic projects, investment, permitting, exploration, innovation, circularity, international partnerships etc. For registration and detailed information: https://www.rawmaterialsweek2023.eu/

Special Symposium on Innovations in Rare Earths and Critical Minerals

For registration and further information on this special seminar, which will be held on 19-21 June 2023 and will address scientific and technological innovations that support and advance the domestic supply chain of minerals: https://www.techconnectworld.com/World2023/sym/Innovations_Rare_Earths_Critical_Minerals.html

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With the REE Project, Türkiye is increasing its know-how and technological capacity in developing clean energy and mobility solutions in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner by supporting REE applications in high-tech products in line with EU Standards and the Green Deal.



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