We Attended Wenergy II. Clean Energy Technologies Fair

As REE Project, we participated in Wenergy II. Clean Energy Technologies Fair, which was hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on 9-11 May 2024 at İzmir Expo Centre. 

Wenergy Fair, which hosts the clean energy sector, is a platform where the most powerful energy-related manufacturers, especially energy equipment suppliers, engineering and R&D companies, automotive sector, electric vehicles, charging equipment, energy storage companies, e-mobility organisations, logistics, have the opportunity to exhibit their innovative products and technologies. 

During the three-day exhibition, many companies were visited at their booths. The visitors were provided with detailed information about the REE Project and the laboratories and technical equipment established within MUNTEAM Laboratories, and MTA R&D Centre. The fair was a productive platform for networking and cooperation, and the panels and seminars provided valuable information about the clean energy sector. 

Highlights of the fair: 

  • Detailed information about MUNTEAM’s laboratories and MTA R&D Center. 
  • Raising awareness on Rare Earth Elements (REE). 
  • Productive discussions on university-industry collaborations. 
  • Information about the clean energy sector. 
  • Strategic focus on forward-looking production and R&D. 
  • Networking within the scope of future co-operations. 

The networks built and the information shared aim to contribute to the project and future projects. 

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