Rare Earth Elements (REE) Project Norway Study Visit Completed

Within the scope of the Rare Earth Elements (REE) Project, a study visit to Norway was successfully held between May 26-30, 2024. This visit to Norway marked an important milestone for the project. The program included visits to significant universities, institutes, and companies in Oslo and Trondheim, such as the Norwegian University of Science and Technology Department of Geoscience and Petroleum, the Geological Survey of Norway, Institute for Energy Technology of Norway, and SINTEF (Metal Processing and Process Department).

Representatives of the Directorate General for Industry (SGM), General Directorate of EU and Foreign Relations, Directorate General of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) and Munzur University Rare Earth Elements Application and Research Centre (MUNTEAM) participated in the study visit. The delegation was represented by Prof. Dr. Kenan Peker, Rector of Munzur University.

During the visits, representatives of MTA and MUNTEAM, partners of the REE Project, had the opportunity to introduce the REE Project, MTA R&D Centre and MUNTEAM Laboratories, as well as the state-of-the-art equipment used in the REE sector and their facilities. In addition, the latest studies on Rare Earth Elements (REE) were discussed and brainstorming on possible future co-operation opportunities were held. Information was exchanged in many different disciplines including energy technologies, wind energy, renewable energy, metal processing and the use of rare earth elements.

The study visit is of great importance in terms of strengthening the international dimension of the REE Project and exchanging information with important institutions in Norway. The meetings and presentations made with the institutions will open the door to new collaborations on Rare Earth Elements (REE).

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